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Use our tools. change link length give it a short link For shortening links, cutting links, covering links, shortening links For sharing on internet and social media How to use Paste prototype link on left panel Press Shorten button and get shorter link. on the right channel


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เกี่ยวกับ is a free link shortening tool ( Short URL ) reduce links, cover links, cut links, summarize to make it easier to understand, is to make long links that contain characters that may be difficult to understand and do not convey meaning, not beautiful, causing the link to be shortened. Use less text on the link when sharing or forwarding, not affecting the main content that you want to communicate. Make the links more compact and beautiful. for ease of use or send it online For example, sharing links on social media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. is designed to be used. Easiest work, short links, fast, no delays on the page. no distracting ads The system is designed to handle a large amount of traffic.

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The domain is exactly that. When shared, the clicker immediately understands that The URLs format you get when using the tool to Create a new link consisting of original URLs, a slash followed by a case-sensitive English letter. Lowercase and uppercase ( Case-sensitive ) and numbers 0 - 9, up to 5 characters in total.

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We secure and strengthen your organization with our integrated network security solution for DDoS, WAN-as-a protection. -service and Firewall-as-a-service Prevents DDoS attacks, throttling Botnets, detects anomalies and malicious payloads.

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If a restaurant is full of customers waiting for food. But the staff taking orders is slow. The chef was slow to cook. The staff brought the food to be served slowly. Customers would probably run away from the store. same as website If using a link shortening service, people click the link, which is like a customer. received food ordered late Customers or website users would disappear. solves those problems with advanced technology. Increase website speed We improve Web Performance to support a large number of users. Both in terms of users to shorten the link and those who click the link.

Link Expired has no expiration date. Shortened links under the domain will be available forever. no age limit Unless the link has violated the website's usage rules, such as links that cause harm to users, Phising Links, Spam Links, fraudulent links that may cause serious damage to users, etc. will check and when found to violate the rules of use The team will automatically remove the link. without the need to notify the link owner